The reader, the student, the parent, the professor, the story-lover, the art monster, the author, the artist, the casual onlooker – this journal is for you.

About Us

The North Texas Review (NTR) publishes quality student art and literature in order to honor student creativity beyond the classroom. NTR gets published in the spring semester of each academic year, and it is fully student-staffed.

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NTR Editions

Below are the three most recent editions of the North Texas Review.

NTR 2020 Edition

Issue: 20

Editor-in-Chief: Matias Masson


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NTR 2020

NTR 2019 Edition

Issue: 19

Editor-in-Chief: Kaitlyn Coalson


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NTR 2019

NTR 2018 Edition

Issue: 18

Editor-in-Chief: E. Harrison Geosits


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2018 NTR



Who can submit to NTR?
Any student enrolled at UNT during the Fall 2020 semester can submit to NTR.

What can I submit?
NTR accepts submissions of the following:

  • Poetry
  • Creative Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Artwork
  • Photography

When can I submit?
NTR is currently closed for submissions, which will open sometime late November for our 20-21 edition. For more information, follow us on twitter @ntreview_ or instagram @ntreview.

When is NTR published?
NTR is published and released in the Spring semester. Keep up with our page here or follow us on social media for the dates of our release events.