“Bike Paths & Pine Trees”

Stuart Grey Heath

Outside we always found a place to be,

a place to roam where minds were free.

A place of home inside the city

that enabled great escapes;

those gates to flee.


A city that was a once a town.

Its trees that once enveloped sound.

Ponds and pathways were always around

to induce calm comfort,

completely profound.


Trenches that tied the streets together like twine

acted as passage to a moment in time

where adventure would flourish and hearts disobeyed.

Where we knew we’d all be at the end of the day.


We’d meet in our packs and our hordes in the parks.

Our forts through the forest – dark at six o’clock sharp.

Each with ambition that pushed us to fight.

We’d soar through those bike paths,

inspired for flight.

Poetry Arrangement by Stuart Grey Heath


Stuart Heath is a writer from the greater Houston area and he recently graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in English, focusing in Creative Writing. At the end of the day, he is simply a storyteller who could not receive any more joy than what is provided from finding any possible combination of words in order to create something new. Stuart’s work mostly includes poetry, creative nonfiction, and lyrics, but he loves exploring all genres that comes his way.

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