Michael Trinity

Tick, tick, tick, as I stare into the abyss,

Heat flickering in a glass jar,

Thoughts jumping and skipping in my mind,

As hearts scramble through the radio,


Sitting, waiting, to catch a glimpse,

A glimpse, one glimpse,

Sharing the inhibition from the starry night,

Compassion upholds the foot of gravity,

Sitting alone in a claustrophobic room,

Rainwater runs down the walls of unimportance,

Watching you hold on tight to something that doesn’t exist,




Imagination walks into the room!

Separating you from the life of happiness,

Isolating you from the love and living,

Because living is honesty, loyalty, compassion, patience, forgiveness.

Leaving you in this bubble of emotion,

Imagination is still there standing in the room,

Make his presence known!

Staring at you in the face-showing you what limits you put on yourself,

On your life, your thoughts, your heart,

Left, right, left, right,

Stepping to the beat of your heart,

As I fall into the dark puddle of confusion.


All hail to the royal thief,

As the trumpets sound,

That comes in the night to steal your happiness away,

Because you allow him to go into your palace,

The Palace of the future.

Setting you apart from the ravenous sparks of the feeling,

Growing closer to isolation,


Ryka why don’t you trust me?


We can go high, higher than we’ve ever been,

Step out with me.

You want to, and I don’t see why you won’t let go,

I insist on taking my time to love you,

Time is a gift that can’t be trapped in a box,

Wishing, hoping, and praying,

Time passes you by as you sit there and wait,


Who am I fooling, wishing on a star,

For the day to come for you and your gaze to move in,

Move into the engraved space that my heart reserved for you,

No matter how far you run,

No matter how far you turn,

As you stare into the same abyss,

I hope that you one day realize,

I’m standing right in front of your doorstep,


Poetry arrangement by Michael Trinity

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