we were once friends

Xaviera Hernandez

we were once friends

but now your words are nails
hammered into wooden planks

(do you feel the splinters
grafted into your palms?).

slowly, you build a box
around me: my height in length,

enough space for one embrace.
you pour the dirt over me.

my words are cotton balls inside
my throat. i stare at you

until the choking earth
blocks you from my sight.

One thought on “we were once friends

  1. Even when you were reallllyyy young you had a knack for writing. Now you have tools to disseminate and process what you want and don’t want.
    Whatever made you write this, I can feel your heart hurting.
    You’ve taken a bad situation and turned it into a beautiful piece, as only you can do!
    Beautiful, Xavie!


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