Captain Marvel: A Review

Let me start this off by saying I’m not a huge fan of Marvel or DC. I know not everyone will agree with me since we all have different opinions and different perspectives. However, there are a few movies in both universes I enjoy. Of course, I am particularly fond of Wonder Woman because of how refreshing the film is.

I was hoping for Captain Marvel to be as refreshing: a strong female lead in a franchise long dominated by men. Unfortunately, Captain Marvel just didn’t deliver. Overall, the movie was hilarious and I appreciate some of the ideas in the film.

Did I enjoy the movie? Of course. Did I leave the theater feeling like it was a great movie? I did. But, once I sat down and really thought about the movie, I realized there were some things that didn’t sit quite right with me, and I wanted to address them.

I wish we would have gotten a better backstory for Captain Marvel. We see glimpses of her former life on earth and have a possible idea of what she was like before her new life, but it wasn’t enough in my opinion. Not to continuously compare this movie to Wonder Woman, but W.W. did have a detailed backstory where we learned a lot about her character and who she was. Captain Marvel did not have this, and instead, the movie immediately jumps right into the main plot of the movie instead of providing more context.

The last thing I’m a little upset about is the timing of this movie: Avengers is coming to an end. The audience only gets to see Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame. This feels inadequate to me. Captain Marvel deserved a better backstory, she deserved a movie where she was discovering who she is (not just discovering who she is from her lost memories), and she deserved to be part of the Marvel movies for a lot longer than the time she’s been given.

We live in a society where movies are dominated by men. I remember when Wonder Woman came out, so many little girls were inspired and excited to see a fellow girl on screen, kicking ass just like men do in every other movie. I wanted Captain Marvel to be the same, but it just missed the mark for me.

Something I did love about this movie was the comedic aspect. There were jokes throughout the film (the parts with the cat were the BEST) and I liked how this was incorporated into the dialogue of the film.

I also liked that I did not expect the plot twist of this movie. I feel like I can usually predict the ending of movies, but Captain Marvel kept me guessing. The movie also brought forward a good point: you never know who your real enemy is.

I am happy I saw this movie, and I did find it entertaining. In the future, I hope Marvel will do better to realize how important giving powerful women a voice is.



Originally published april 16, 2019

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