Awe and Wonder

Chronos vs. Kairos

The war we face
To let time consume,
Or wield it. 

Cannibals eat men
Chronos ate his kids
Father Time
Becomes a monster
Consumes us
Every second we run
To survive, not live.
We race through streets
Stressed and worried
Never time enough
To stop,
Only hurry. 

But when we sit,
Drink tea
With Kairos,
And enjoy
Passing time away,
Interruptions become
Life’s work.
An embrace
Of each day.
We soon
Concern ourselves
With people
And thrive in connection
As we listen to laughter,
Take time in reflection.
We marvel at a little
Yellow flower
Budding in lush green,
Gaze at crystal skies,
Or dance to drumbeat. 

And as the lotus
Ascends from mud,
Awe and wonder
Take our breaths,
Long enough
For us
To breathe.


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