ex nihilo nihil fit

the gaping maw of unimaginable void,
lacuna of darkness and light,
blank canvas stretched wide,
The background space
Holding it all within,
the formless Isn’t found
above and below and all around. 

the only time you ever notice any difference
is in the moment of transition

“Ex Nihilo”
the state of Is
mirrored eternally,
You wouldn’t be able to
roil and froth in turbulence
into the nebulous cosmology of shape and
Know the difference
birthed by and into the souls of
primordial beings and primordial places

the only time you notice
is in the moment of transition

“In Medias Res”
the world spirals, swooping arcs turning, always turning through
undulating waves of great stars splashing wildly across the event horizon
of an ever-expanding place and time, the unimaginable face of all things,
burning burning bright and hot these beacons of infinite possibility,
funneling down into the here and now, a tiny pinprick of some thing
where You and I stand motionless at the place that is all places and 

Only in the Moment

We see Her, we feel Her, everywhere, nowhere, always and forever,
She, whose name is Chaos.  



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