The Decadent and the Defiant

A plethora of
Each being swaying to the world’s vibration
Of self-indulgence

Excess, more, excess, less
Trying to quench our deprivation of the unknown
Your fingertips slide along my satin soul
Gauging my consciousness

Softened by this era’s lethargy
So quick to disappoint
I can’t stop laughing at this
Everlasting masquerade we call Life

Mask shopping
Fitting rooms to perfect
A disguise that fits
I revel underground

A den to hideaway
As everyone consumes
A subtle yet shameless delight

Clinging to the forged skin they are in
I choose my real face
Because I love my unhinged grin
Being genuine is rare, may as well start a trend

Choosing to be defiant
Is another ride I am shown
A society of bloodthirsty loyalists
I’ll burn on my own

Chaotic world, and we dream of the cosmos
I yearn for bubbly brightness
In this tethered, clouded existence
All I watch is my breath
Inhale, more, exhale, less

Sanjana iyer

Sanjana is a Journalism major at the University of North Texas with a minor in Criminal Justice and History.

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