Silent Thoughts

The ambient noise of life feels much more lonely than pure silence. It reminds you of others’
existence when you are stuck in solitude. The roar of the plane over you represents dozens of
lives. This aerodynamic miracle is not a mechanical beast, but a society of separate entities collecting for an individual moment that will never be replicated again. The honk of a car as someone out there’s moment of frustration is announced to the world.

You wonder who they will go home to and complain about this moment to tonight. The person who was honked at, did they become angered as well? Or do they perhaps feel like they’ve inconvenienced someone? If so will someone comfort them tonight and remind them of why they continue to smile. When sitting alone, disconnected and wishing for more, you create these stories in your head.

And in those moments you’re not as alone as you feel.

Sarah Day

“Rainy” by Jocelyn Castellanos

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