When the Heroine Dies

“Your Impression” by Anna Esparza

To live in the past is to dwell.

To be bitter of the things that never went well.

Seasons changed, and things remained the same.

Time has come to pack up and throw away the blame.

Pity is nowhere near.

Now it’s time to face my fears.

Watch my effort and time go down the drain.

These lessons are the only thing I gained.

I live day to day and I walk with grace.

Even if I was always in second place.

I gave and gave until I had nothing left.

I’ve always been an A student, but I failed this test.

Before I go,

I need you to know. 

I had a fun time. 

It almost felt like a crime. 

I came to the final show. 

I was high, slowly fading into low. 

What would you do if you were me?

Would you cry or would you scream?

Would you shatter the mirror? 

Or would you see it clearer?  

Would you run away and hide? 

Would you smile and say goodbye?

Would you carry the hurt?

Or would you sit back and learn?

What would you do then?

When you do everything to not bend. 

Would the madness drive you crazy?

Because ever since it happened, my vision’s hazy. 

I did everything I could do. 

It still never seemed enough for you. 

Yeah, I’m the talk of the town. 

They saw you running out. 

I always wondered how far you’d go for me. 

The only thing you took was my sanity. 

I could never understand where it went wrong. 

Nothing could express it, not this, not a song. 

We become martyrs when it comes to love. 

It’s nothing we have dreamed of. 

Who is the fool here?

Someone who gave up too soon?

Or the one who stayed at the honeymoon?

Megan hernandez

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