Tides Within

Drowned in the depths of my mind
Stolen corals and magical creatures
Oceanic reefs dancing in the moonlight’s shine
Unexplored relics and ancient features.

The eternal pulse of the sea
Engages an inflection of desire within me
A fiery force I dare not flee
Whistling waves – only to retreat.

Taunted by the conspiring wind
Accompanying the infinite sea with haste
Rumblings as drama stir among merkind
While landfolk cloud this vessel of life with waste.

Brazenly exploring the possibilities
Forgetting experimentation
Poses foreign presences as liabilities
Yet I find myself entranced by the currents lamentation.

Siren songs cradle me to sleep
As the sun kisses the sea’s solemn horizon
Fading light forging new trails to creep
I linger as an insignificant wisp, rising
To wonder about the sufficiency of each tide sweep
Should I succumb to the push and pull
Or cast my own shoreline?

Sanjana IYER

Sanjana is a Journalism major at the University of North Texas with a minor in Criminal Justice and History.

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