“The Sermon” by Gretchen Vickers

The daisies at my toes
Guide me along the wind’s flow. 
I planted the seed to prosperity. 
The unadulterated dew comforts the clarity. 
For every rigid point of regrettable lesions,
Time acts on the double to become the adhesion.
The temptation of a paramour from the damned lands 
Only led to my own ashes staining my hands. 
Oblivious of the thief and his co-conspirator.
My callow ways led me to become inferior. 
My owl-like mind won’t muster all of my what-ifs.
Eyewitnesses ponder, but I plead the fifth.
As I pace the fields of contentment, I peak a soul.
A bouquet of admiration is up for grabs to fill the hole.
My lilies grow rampant and bright.
I glow underneath my companion’s light. 
The Rosemary grazes my warm skin. 
I don’t have to worry about taking it on the chin. 
When my silence overshadows my presence,
You know how to make it all pleasant. 
I’ll keep us hidden until it’s time to tell.
If I climbed or if I fell. 

Megan hernandez

Megan Hernandez is a junior at the University of North Texas majoring in journalism.

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