New York

Like dragonflies drawn to water,
We are drawn to each other,
And in this city, we converge.
Dust and sweat and grime.
(We grocery shop, we small talk).
We are raw, exposed,
And in the ugly truth
Lies beauty (beauty lies),
Because we are real.
(We are ripped apart and stitched back up.)
In this city, we cry and dance and make love (and make hate).
We come alive every night
And die each morning.
In the chaos, there is peace,
And in uncertainty, there is security.
In this tangle of humanity,
Where the angry fist of industry strikes down,
In this absolute anonymity,
I find my oasis.

Abigail hurtt

Abigail is a junior at UNT and is majoring in English, with a concentration in writing and rhetoric. After college, she hopes to become a successful writer

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