from tales of white hot darkness

“Sharman” by Michelle Umunna

the devil is singing at me again
fingers digging into my shoulders i walk
into the desert, chewing on the sand
pain like candy
the lights never leave the distance

i feel like a neon promise, making a bad bet
i keep swallowing my diamonds
the finger to my lips is the quickest gun drawn
yet the smoking gun is never mine
that outlaw keeps looking for the fight
i do not have in me

the dust in my eyes is stuck, but
i still behold that pale horse
my sword too heavy to draw again i lay in wait
but i miss my checkout time again
the pink and red curtains shut out just one more night,
carpet to my cheek i’m still caught in a slow dance

through the floor sinking into desert melt
the devil forgot where he left me
the sunlight erupts from my own mouth
i burn in the scorching potential of youth
skin turns to ash, bones turn to mud
final thoughts flutter like suits thrown to the wind
last spade in the mouth of the beast like a tongue,
making vows he would not keep

Lacie block

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