The landscape evolved around her, suppressing her sense of freedom with every birthed sunset that kissed
the sky and disappeared, carrying the weight of a promised journey deferred.

A promise as undefined and shrouded as the mountain tops, grasping for so much as a gaze with their
shameless stare, painted seamlessly onto the moonlit eastern horizon below the tugging wisps of clouds
frozen while taking passage across the sky, their energized edges facing the sun’s swallowing aura.

Indifferent to her magnetizing glow, her petite face brazenly welcoming the tingling rays, her hot
chocolate eyes glazed over with humming thoughts, resplendent dreams intoxicating realities until she is
buzzed on her own bubbling imagination.

The depth of solitude that flows through her veins makes her feel as though shards of her soul are being
swept away from her on the sacred wings of starlings spiraling upwards in steps so intentional, bright
tears engulf her tantalizing eyes, captivated by each surreal movement.

She finds herself bound by unhinged gravity, and like the decrescendo of a charming sonata gracing her
ears, she allows her shattered spirit to retreat to the ground, the fall between realms softened by the
resounding guitar and his voice that echoes through her head, feeling whole once more.

~chaotic artistry, the process of painting

sanjana iyer

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