intus, et in cute

wearing two hearts in one chest
love so big it split in two, separating from herself
mirror images refusing to meet eyes —
a reflective outside touch waking up the skin

the heat of such fire radiating from open
palms; stigmata of the guilted woman
the cross to bear, flaming shameful spine
Aidos and Eros kissing in the kitchen
a burning cheek to cheek
purple and red butterflies landing on my throat

head thrown back, buzzing bones
swallowing my own request for more
eyes positioned in half blood moon
hands raised to the heaven in my head
it is love like an ache in the jaw, and yet
how long does the self inflicted wound run
how far does she go until she deserves her rest?

Lacie block

Lacie is a senior at UNT and lives in Denton, TX. She doesn’t have a dog but she has a bike she never rides.

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