How to Break a Life

Sterling M.Z.

One, Take all your fantasies, toss them on the floor Scramble them, like eggs, like hearts, like my mind Tear them limb from limb until their crumbled edges are all you feel.

Two, Bag them up in plain sight, box them, seal it tight. They’ll remind you of what you once were And laugh as you pass by, their giggles muffled

Three, Go on with life, through the phases and the gray Let the dream rot into dust, mold into air Their fumes will suffocate you slowly

But that’s okay. You gave up on them They gave up on you You watch each other wither away The parasitic partnership of prospective plights

Ones we would have loved to journey through Happily taking all the beatings, enduring all the bruises With a smile, a pleasant whistle, because our heart Was whole from our fulfillment in dreams

Dreams, for the omen bird, the dark bird Feed its wings and feet Enabling them to carry us away From all the things we just decided to fix