I Never Did

Did I entreat the
Waning moon or wicked wave to
Bury me underneath darkness?

Did I raise my arms to
A merciless sun to
Swallow me in lashing fire and ash?

I never did.

I’ve never been one to ask,
Of the eagle and the stag,
For freedom and strength
From my mortal tears and
Human soul.

I’ve never been one to beg
Helplessly at the shrine,
To throw myself down
At the feet of the divine

And plead.
For answers and guidance, for
Assurance and security in
This temporal tumult,
And I would be happy

Perhaps in a different
World or time or place,
I would petition the voice of
This Universe and
It would call back.

Perhaps my fears and anxieties
Would simply drift away
On a gentle breeze,
But no…

I never did.

Carla Wright